EJB 3.0 Work in Progress, Symposium 2004


News: EJB 3.0 Work in Progress, Symposium 2004

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    One of the most exciting talks at TheServerSide Symposium, was the first discussion on the new Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0 specification. We were shown that EJB is therefore currently undergoing a number of major changes including the new POJO component model and the use of Java language metadata.

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  2. please keep in mind the following[ Go to top ]

    What ever you do to the specification please keep the cost of deployment & maintenance as #1 priority. EJB is the worst thing most of us have seen to deploy , debug, maintain. No wonder the fans club of EJB has been reduced by a large number over last 1.5 to 2 years.
    Programming EJBs is easy - the whole added complexity and learning curve is just not coming down. it just goes up and up in every version. And migration to newer version is not easy either. Sometimes I wonder is it why microsoft stopped spending time, money on MTS.

       Now i m not trying to create a long thread of lectures here. Its just my take on EJBs. So keep that in mind.
  3. Is this old news?[ Go to top ]

    The data on the slides is May 2004. I wasn't at the Symposium, but I have to assume that more up to date information was given. Was there any discussion of the work to build on JDO's O/R mapping XML format? Discussion of persistence outside the container (J2SE)?

  4. Yes its slightly dated[ Go to top ]

    Yes, this content is a little old since it was the actual first time any of this EJB 3 information was "revealed". I think the initial draft came out the month following this presentation.

    As far as the recent events of the common spec for EJB 3 and JDO.. looks like Linda may be discussing any progress made on that initiative at this years TSSS: