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    Heinrich Gantenbein is a Solutions Architect at Avanade specializing in .NET security, scalability and multi-tier architectures. He was interviewed on the topics of SOA, Interoperability, and security. He discusses his practical experience, what to watch out for, and how to get started now.

    He answers questions such as:

    • So today everyone is talking about SOA as the next solution for interoperability? How would you define SOA?
    • So what sort of a scenarios have you been seeing from your clients for interoperability?
    • What are the major issues that you’ve come across?
    • Which of the WS standards are most important for interoperability? Which ones are you concentrating on?
    • What steps are being taken to ensure interoperability when it comes to security issues?
    • WS-Addressing sounds really interesting and useful What is it that it is trying to accomplish?
    • What are some of the tools that you use between BEA and Microsoft? What tools to use between the two?
    • What about if you don’t have the same data types on the BEA and Microsoft side how do you deal with that?

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    The last question listed above is to me the final frontier of integration: semantic mapping.