How to check the request is sent from signed applet?


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    I am doing a project need to read card number from a COM1 card swiper on client side. Already created a self-signed applet to listen to the COM1 on client machine.

    But I get an issue about server side:
    On client side, only signed applet could read COM1 card reader, and on server side, only number received by the signed applet could be considered as legal value, otherwise, the server will not accept it.

    For the connection to server side,
    1) using http request or 2) opening a connection to server's URL inside applet .
    If using http request, the applet should use JSObject to call JavaScript function to submit form and pass the card number within request parameters, or create a javascript function periodically call public method of applet until the applet getting the card No.

    But the request is not submitted from applet directly. I guess the server side will never be awared that the card no is from some applet.
    If connecting server in applet, could server know the request is from the signed applet?

    Kindly give me some hints if you have experience before.
    Any hint is appreciated!!

    Thanks in advanced!!!
  2. It sounds like you need to establish some concept of "Session" between the Applet and the Server and have them exchange some sort of token when the applet starts up and use that token to label all the messages that the Applet sends to the server