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    I just came up with a problem making some search on the website: I was looking for the word 'service' and I got the result page with 2997 results, I then narrowed it to the reviews by checking the intended box and I got a result wich spread across 4 pages. When I tried to click the '2' to get the second page out of the 4 aboves, I got back the result page with the 2997 pages instead of the one I wanted to have.

    Looks like a bug somewhere.


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  2. Correction[ Go to top ]

    Just wanted to correct what I wrote: I don't get the result page when clicking the '2' but the second page of the result page as if done without narrowing.

  3. Fixing the search page[ Go to top ]

    This is being tracked as bug TSS-56, and is being worked on at this very moment. Thanks for the heads up.
  4. A fix for this has been generated and will be deployed soon. Note that this bug only affects the "Search Reviews" checkbox, the other checkboxes work correctly.