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    Hi all,

    I had my apps running in iPlanet 4.1 and WebLogic 8.1 previously consisting some BMPs, and some Session Beans.
    Now I have migrated the system fully to Weblogic 8.1. Now the BMPs are giving much trouble in performance point of view. Whenever I try to access a BMP, the server's all the 15 execution threads are jammed in transactions..What solution can I try?

    Your coopearion needed...


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    Did they run nicely in the first setting with IPlanet and WebLogic with BMPs running in WebLogic? Moving web stuff shouldnt affect entity beans. The behaviour you describe seems to point at badly written BMPs.
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    They were running OK in previous setup. But I dont know why the performance degraded in WebLogic 8.1. Please explain what are the measures I should take to counter the problem.


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    So the beans were deployed in IPlanet before?
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