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    We are having a petty developers squabble.

    How do you pronounce WAR(web archive) :

    a) as in war (fighting, guns, bombs etc...)
    b) as in web ARchive (like jar, tar, rar etc....)

    I advocate option b.

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  2. It depends[ Go to top ]

    If you are from Missoura like myself than it is like this

    "I war gonna make a WAR for deployment." If you're from Missoura than that that sounds like option b. But just to be clear the bombs/gun thing is also said like option b in Missoura.
  3. It depends[ Go to top ]

    I am from Worcester, MA ...pronounced "Woostah".....we don't pronounce many r's in Massachusetts. We pahk the ca in the yahd. This is apparently called non-rhotic articulation. You could just start speaking with a Boston accent. :)

  4. accents aside....[ Go to top ]

    ..if the "intent" of the pronuncation technique is as described in option b, then of course different accents will have different results.
    I guess I would like people to answer with regards to what logical method they would use to make/determine the pronunciation. AFAIC, it should be option b.


    "grain of salt"
  5. Obviously...[ Go to top ]

    The proper pronounciation rhymes with tar, and car. Afterall, it is an abbreviation that means web ARchive and it's cousing jar java ARchive should rhyme. On the other hand, EAR should be pronounced like the body part; not e-AR.
  6. Who gives a Damn[ Go to top ]

    Get back to work Damien