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    JavaPolis 2004 welcomed this year over 1.400 Java developers from 35 different countries for a 5-day Java roller-coaster-ride.

    With these figures JavaPolis becomes the biggest Java Conference in Europe!

    75% of the JavaPolis slides from over 70 top speakers can be downloaded freely from the JavaPolis wiki site.

    Download the slides:

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    Thank you, Stephan. And again congratulations to the BeJUG team and their partners for the organisation. It was great!
    [Side note : What's the current status about the idea to write the videos on DVDs ?]
  3. JavaPolis slides are on-line[ Go to top ]

    The JavaPolis DVDs is still an option which we'll further investigate next month. To be contunued...
  4. Pictures on-line as well[ Go to top ]

    Since last week, both the pictures taken by the JavaPolis attendees, and by An Nelissen (our JavaPolis photographer) are currently available on-line.

    If you missed the event, and want to feel what it was like;
    or if you attended it, and are looking forward to next years event... take a look at
    or even

    have jfun,
  5. You can now also listen and view all of the JavaPolis presentations from the JavaPolis wiki Media page (

  6. JavaPolis DVD[ Go to top ]

    Just to let you know that the JavaPolis DVD can now be ordered @ for 29 Euro.

  7. XPDay slides also online[ Go to top ]

    Some of you might be interested in slides from last month's London XPDay (Extreme Programming) conference ... available here.
  8. JavaPolis player 1.0 release[ Go to top ]

    Our new JavaPolis flash player is available for a test run @