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News: Opensource JdonFramework v2005 Released

  1. Opensource JdonFramework v2005 Released (21 messages)

    Jdon framework 2005 has been released. Jdon is a J2EE development framework based on Struts + EJB/POJO. It has a MDA rapid development tool and it includes many functions such as insert/update/delete/batch query of data model, and tree management. All components of this framework are run in a microcontainer using Picocontainer.


    1. Jdonframework introduces Model concept (some light MDA);
    2. Jdonframework includes model cache module and component cache.
    3. Jdonframework supplies support for EJB, EJB is it's default service component.

    more details at:

    the project url:

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  2. JdonFramework: MDA or MDE?[ Go to top ]

    Jdonframework introduces Model concept (some light MDA)
    Looking at the architectural diagram on the Jdonframework website I couldn't find any support for UML or MOF. Therefore, I don't see why it would be compliant with MDA standards (unlike AndroMDA). Perhaps Jdonframework could be called "model driven" if it would have an explicit model repository and an architecture that would facilitate different code generation cartridges. Perhaps you have some information on the technologies used for
     - metamodel definition,
     - model transformation,
     - model consistency checking,
     - code generation?

    Pieter Van Gorp
  3. thanks[ Go to top ]

    Jdonframework is not MDA Tools, I don't truely believe in MDA, Jdonframework just introduces abstract data concept:Model, it is beginning to MDA.
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  12. i think the license is GPL so....[ Go to top ]

    it is not commercial friendly license
    if u insist on the gnu way please choose lgpl
    or better use the apache license which is more accepted in the severside java community
    but if u do not want us to use it commercially,why opensource?!
  13. about license[ Go to top ]

    joe fouad maybe right, we will work over the license, maybe lgpl or apache license .
  14. Hope you guys can work hard on it, some days later, it will be a great software.
  15. thanks[ Go to top ]

    next step: we will develop the plug-in for Eclipse ..., only hope it is a usefull tools for struts developing.
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  18. API Document[ Go to top ]

    API Document:
  19. note:[ Go to top ]

    Jdon framework is the implementation of Aop/Ioc, it's strongpoint is cache performance! it do not kick EJB, but support EJB and POJO
  20. Opensource JdonFramework v2005 Released[ Go to top ]

    It is really nice to see this project in development. I had studied the Spring Framework and the petstore before. I incoporate the JDBC part of the Spring Framework with WAF into my projects.Count me in your development.
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    Keep gentle please.
  22. Jdon 1.2.2 has been released[ Go to top ]

    jdon not only supports POJO Service, but also supports EJB service that don't need implements any service interfaces. you can switch between pojo and ejb, only need change the xml configure. jdon can help you give your system scalability.

    jdon use ico and aop to manage pojo javabeans.

    Jpetstore is a j2ee application of jdon framework: