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    CORBA supports the passing of service-context information implicitly with requests and replies over remote object interface invocation. Without instrumenting the underlying protocol, Java RMI can't easily support transparent service-context propagation. This article describes a simple and efficient design approach for supporting such capability over RMI. In building RMI-based distributed applications, such an approach can serve as a basic building block for implementing infrastructure-level functions, such as transaction, security, and replication.

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  2. Maybe it just is not necessary to rebuild CORBA with RMI( and WS)?

    Lets invent a new catchy name for CORBA and start using this mature and well-architected technology!
  3. Hi,

    Just thought that it would be relevant to post that today JInspired released 3.0.7 of JDBnsight / JXInsight with CORBA PortableInterceptor support. Previously the product provided distributed tracing and profiling via VisiBroker's own interceptor framework.

    Release Notes:

    Within the installation there is a samples directory containing CORBA client and server applications where JXInsight trace service contexts are passed transparently between Java processes via PortableInterceptors.

    The benefits of JXInsight's eXtensible distributed tracing is that users can collect JVMPI counters across multiple Java processes during the routing of a client request. Our console allows the user to select a trace within a client and immediately see all processes the trace appeared in as well as providing statistics associated with memory allocation, clock time, cpu time, gc, blocking and waiting. Additionally JDBC transactions in remote CORBA processes are also associated with client traces. This means that a user can start and stop a profile session for a use case and within the console immediately understand the database transaction execution behavior in their distributed environment.


    William Louth
    JXInsight Product Architect

    "J2EE tuning, testing and tracing with JXInsight"
  4. A complete framework to support protocol-independent Portable Interceptor over RMI, as described in the referenced article, is released at sourceforge as "extrmi" v0.2.2:

    A Jgroups based FT-RMI is also available as a pre-built interceptor library. The design follows the FT-CORBA standards, and provides strict VSYNC based multicast/replication support, as well as object group and replica state management support.

    The framework design is further described in

    Comments/trials are welcome.

    - Wenbo