New versions of JPF and JPF-Demo are available for download. Starting with version 0.5 the status of JPF is considered as "release candidate" that means that library reached very stable runtime behavior and have stable API. Further releases will be mostly bug fixing and internal improvements and optimizations related.

The major changes are:
* Added methods to PluginRegistry to get plug-ins registration report separately from integrity check report.
* "Documentation generator" tool is now based on JXP (Java scripted page) templates.
* Added methods to RegistryChangeData interface to help filter extensions by corresponding extension points.
* Implemented possibility to discover Framework configuration.
* PluginRegistry implementation reworked so that it is now uses SAX XML parser to process plug-in manifests. Implementation is compatible with JAXP 1.1 specification and based on the SAX 2 API.
* Greatly improved "hot deploy" function implementation.
* Deprecated and actually removed implementation of some unnecessary functions. The deprecated methods will be removed with final 1.0 release. The reason is to greatly simplify some implementation aspects of plug-in registry.
* Greatly improved JPF demo application.
* Many non-significant internal code improvements.

Visit project home page at for further details, documentation and tutorial.