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    I'm totally new to Web Services. In just about 2 days time, i HAVE TO create a web service of a company which will consume 3 web services (which is in my Uni's server). I've got da locations of those web services. 1 is a payment processing, 2 others are products & stocks etc of 2 clothing companies.

    I'm totally confused as to where & when we should consume web service....when & where da XML codes should be in. Altogether, da site i hav to build, is it actually a web service itself?

    Can anybody help by describing to me - Functionally & code wise, how does everything flow? Thanx in advance

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    Hi Wong,

    If you only have to consume web services, then thats a plus, because its much simpler than serving web services.

    I would first recommend that you get familiar with WSDLs. Try the for their tutorials.

    Now try to get the WSDLs of the Web Services that you have to consume. Now get familiar with libraries like Jax-RPC or Apache's Axis, because these can generate all the code necessary to invoke a Web Services. They both have a WSDL-To-Java converters.

    Once you have the java code, test that it is actually calling the web service (use the TCP monitor from AXIS) to see the XML messages being passed.

    Hope this helps,


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    Apart from consuming Web Services individually, from your description it looks like you can also create a Business Process out of the 3 Web Services (Payment, products ,stocks).

    You can use BPEL (which allows to build business processes from a set of discrete services) to build the business process flow.

    The flow might be as simple as you get the list of products from products Web Service, let the user select one or more, invoke the Stocks (Inventory Service) to see if there is a stock, if so invoke the payment processing service to fulfill the transaction.

    You can find a series of samples and tutorials from BPEL with download links for Oracle BPEL Process Manager at

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    Thanx so much for da description. However, though Oracle BPEL Process Manager u suggested seems useful, i'm unable to use it at da mean time (coz of da rush). I hav to do exactly wat u describe - a business process with 3 web services- payment, products & stocks.

    Currently, i think wat i basically understands(in coding sense) dat i should think about "consuming" web services(get product info etc) seperately from "creating" & "exposing" my web service. Am i correct to think of it this way?
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    If I understood correctly, you want to consume a set of Web Services (3 of them) and create a new Web Service. If that is the case, yes you can create a Web Service which is consuming other Web Service.

    I think BPEL is the right way to go for this problem. BPEL easily allows you consume other Web Services via Partner Links and let you create a business process which can be exposed as Web Service with WSDL.

    If you have time check out the samples and tutorials of Oracle BPEL Process Manager.

    It is understandable if you want to take a different path based on your urgent needs.