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    Please help me out! I need access to this http://www.sys-con.com/story/?storyid=46516&de=1&jdj=on article before next week for the diagrams. It contains diagrams of the MVC models for both Struts and JSF. It seems sys-con is down, and they don't have any email addresses to contact anybody there, at least i couldn't find any. The magazine is the WebSphere Journal, volume 3 issue 9. It is extremely important that i get this, or at the very least, another diagram of both's interactions of the controller and all of the request processes. That is, a diagram showing the process between when a link is clicked or a command issue, all the way to the back end, and back to the browser. It would be much appreciated!

    p.s. google has a cache of the magazine article herehttp:// or just search "jsf vs. struts" on google and it should be the very first page
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    If you've got a week to do this, why not just make the diagrams yourself? xfig is nice and cheap... Either way, I'm sure that you can get a diagram for one or both of these somewhere on the internet.
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    Do you mean this:

    The diagrams are llinked near the bottom of the document,
    or try these: