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    i was wondering if i could use the displaytag's export filter (to expoert to excel), without the use of the displaytag (without use the <display:table> tag)?
    I'd like to use the hole displaytag's features, but the paginations problems for long lists, doesn't let me, but at the same tima i'd like to use the export feature in order to don't rewrite this functionality. If it's posible, anyone could please say how can i use it? If it's not possible, anyone could indicate an implementation for this?

    Best regards,
    Alexandre Martins.
  2. valuelist.sf.net, you might have to write your own display adapter to get it in excell format.
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    You can use export option without using the displaytag pagination. You need to customize the class for your need. This involves even disabling the pagination logic in the custom class.