Google content has "Mark Noisy" feature. It is a simple HTML link. Apparently, Google indexer bot liked it a lot.

I was searching something on Google, the other day and it presented me a link to content, but with that "mark noisy" thing.

How this attracted my attention was that - I saw in the top right part the TSS message "your opinion has been taken If enough people... " - something like that, you know which message.

While TSS may be (maybe not) filtering out Google Bot clicks from these ratings, it is harder to figure-out the ones like I made - people who click-through from Google search results.

This can become big problem and not only make TSS "mark noisy" feature useless but also make Google search results weird (Google understands this "control" link as just link to the content).

There are two things that could be done about it and would be nice to:
1) Hide that link off, from all known search bots. In the program logic - don't show it if user-agent = {whatever list}.

Using robots.txt may be an option too.

This only can protect the feature only that much. But not much. Something else is also needed:
2) Make "mark noisy" feature a two-step process. When somebody clicks it - show a blank page with "recognize the image" puzzle (like the one people use during registration). Verify that whoever clicked the link is a human being and then - proceed.