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    I am working on a web application where I am using parent/child windows. My application has one main window and some buttons like for adding new record, modifying new record etc. When user clicks on any button a child window opens where user enters data and upon clicking save/update button there, the page gets submitted within the child window giving him message whether save/update is successful or not. Now when he closes the child window I would like to refresh the parent window which maintains list of added records. Note that child window is not a modal window and resubmission of page is happening within the window.

    I am not allowed to use any sort of JAVASCRIPT that keeps in trance.
    Please help.
    I have to use a formhandler to check in the form data in child window too.

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    Sounds like you are working on a goverment project:) Having no JavaScript should not be a goal, let alone a mandate, good luck.
  3. Hi,

    There's no way you can track a browser specific event (closing a window) from HTML. So you really can't solve this specific issue without JS. You either need to change the way the design works or introduce some small JS code compatible across all browsers (which is not that much of a big deal).

    Good luck