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       I have a problem, need advice from Architect folks .

    We had planned for a Weblogic cluster over windows. So we assumed to have two Physical servers, one having Managed server and the other having Managed and Admin server.
      Problem now is, as per our ops. group we need to have the admin server in a seperate machine.
      Question is : Is this recommended and if yes why and what are its benefits or why will the above reco (just two servers one with admin & managed and other with managed will fail) will be a bad architecture.
      Note: We are looking at Failover in the cluster not Load balancing.

      Another Question: When Primary Managed server goes down Secondary managed server acts as Primary. When the old primary comes back, will the temp primary will go back as secondary or new one which joins will be the secondary until it gets a chance.

  2. 1.AdminServer is just an instance of WL Server with admin applications.If it is on a separate machine you will need Admin license for that machine to run it.
    I've seen both with Admin on separate machine and colocated with one of the nodes.

    2. This for Proxy Connnection Failover Procedure -->In a two-server cluster, the client would transparently fail over to the server hosting the secondary session state. However, replication of the client's session state would not continue unless another WebLogic Server became available and joined the cluster. For example, if the original primary server was restarted or reconnected to the network, it would be used to host the secondary session state