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    Currently, we have a J2EE application running on JBOSS. The catch is that it is using data from a .NET Webservice that uses HTTP protocol to query the Exchange server. Don't understand the service too much, but there seems to be LDAP connectivity built in and some reference to an ADS object. Although the service seemingly is only using HTTP to access the calendar data we need from MS Exchange. Thing is, we are trying to get rid of having an IIS server for webservice and just doing the calendar data lookup from a java caller. Is this possible?

    So my question is, is it as easy as sending a URL to the exchange server from java side? Or do I have to make some sort of a connction to ADS?
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    As per my knowledge, if you want to send mails or read inbox we can use Java for that. Not only this, java can be used to develop any sort of application