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    hi everybody
    we are started a new live project for an harware marketing company.
      technology includes ejb, jsp, oracle with weblogic
    any body interested reply me immediately with brief introduction about your technical knowdledge

    thanks & waiting for the reply

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  2. what are u looking for ..........
  3. I may help, if you can give more details.
  4. I am also ready..but need more details...
  5. Definitely need more details about what kind of help you are looking for!
  6. i too !!!. you can reach me on gamini_s at hotmail dot com

  7. I am interested, mail me at gauthamkumar@hotmail.com
  8. Where is the project happening, could be interested.

    e-mail me at oneillbrian at ireland dot com


  9. i m ready to help you.
    but abviously need more information.what do u actuallly want
    u can contact me on shehla at the18th dot com
  10. geez - I'm a bit late - but I'm interested too...
  11. manohar23@yahoo.com
  12. hi, two of us woud lov to work on this? that's going to be interesting, we guys have a keen interest for java technologies.?

    Please give us more info?
    if u want to go through our profile u can visit at the link mentioned




    Sumit & Vishrut

    shoorya at rediffmail dot com
    swastivishrut at rediffmail dot com