Diamelle releases v.2 of Identity and Access Manager


News: Diamelle releases v.2 of Identity and Access Manager

  1. Diamelle Technologies has announced that it has added support for the leading J2EE 1.4 application servers from IBM, BEA and JBoss in the latest version of its Identity Management (IDM). Diamelle IDM is a product built on a Java Enterprise Edition platform with WS-I compliant web services to facilitate integration and provides authentication with Single Sign-on, authorization, user management, policy management, user self-service, audit, password management and delegated administration.
    Diamelle IDM manages user information, various identities and user groups, roles, access-levels, resources, entitlements and permissions in a centralized secure infrastructure with enterprise-wide authentication and security policies utilizing both passwords and tokens. With Single Sign-On, users can login once, and roam freely in secured domains without being challenged again. Participating domains are not required to give up their own logins and credentials. The ability to hold multiple identities, each with their own roles, permissions, access-levels and entitlements across multiple domains allows for a wide network of co-operating domains to communicate seamlessly. Authenticated subjects can access restricted resources requiring multiple logins and credentials without the need to login at each domain. With User Self-Service, instead of calling the help desk, which according to the Gartner group costs $50 per password reset, the users can manage their own profile and passwords. User Provisioning significantly reduces costs and delays due to time consuming process of creating requests, routing, and gaining approvals. User provisioning also reduces security exposure by terminating access to systems in a timely manner when employees leave. Policy and password management saves help desk time.

    Diamelle IDM has been built upon the Java EE platform utilizing a Service Oriented Architecture. The solution can be deployed in a number of configurations where it can serve as the central identity manager for the enterprise or it may be deployed as part of an application, without creating a new footprint, as is often the case for ISVs or departmental solutions.

    The use of the JAVA EE platform means that developers or administrators already working with JAVA EE app servers can leverage their existing knowledge. Availability of Web Services and related technologies simplifies integration with applications that use other technologies.

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    Where is price of product ? I am able to find prices for concurent products on Internet.

    Is there some comparison chart with concurent products (IBM, SUN, CoreId) ?
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    Hello Richard,

    There are two pricing models available. For small installations, we offer a per user model which is $12 per user.

    For mid to large installations, we offer a per processor based model which is more cost effective. Our starting offering for the Identity and Access Manager with a 2 processor license, which allows us to offer high availability, is $40,000- . While capacity is based on the type of hardware that you use, we can comfortably handle 8000 users on an Intel platform.

    For a comparison chart or white papers, please drop me an email at suneet @ diamelle.com

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    Excuse me, but do I know you from a contract at Getmusic.com?

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    Hi Guglielmo,

    Yes you do. How are you doing these days and where are you at?

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    Hi Guglielmo,Yes you do. How are you doing these days and where are you at?Suneet

    Alright. I am happy to see that you have a thriving business. I remembered because of the very distinctive name of the company. My email is my last name at bway.net.
  7. Get a room you two- ;p[ Go to top ]

    (kidding) - anyway this sounds like a cool piece of software. Self service is needed more and more these days with the growing requirement for forced password changes.

    We're a Windows shop and use Password Reset PRO from http://www.sysoptools.com for secure user self service password resets / account unlocks etc.  Among competing windows-oriented products it is the most secure and easy to deploy solution out there, plus it is priced very reasonable. awesome. Does not work with the same environment as yours though- Windows domains only.
  8. We're looking at OpenSSO now.  I'm curious to hear how you think it compares.