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    In my application ...like...

    After loggin out of my page(by pressing logout button)..if i press the back button of the browser..it takes me to the page visited before ....and it also talking back to the server again.

    I need like after loggin out....we should only get the login page..(Even this serverside.com has this facility).

    can any one please suggest over this on earliest possible time.

    thanks..in advance

    Syed Imthias basha

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     After the user clicks the Logout u should invalidate the session and redirect the page to login.jsp
         HttpSession loginSession = request.getSession(false);
     See if that works
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    Hi Asad,

    It works fine ...but after getting the login page , if we press the back button of the browser.....we will get internal error.

    I need like...even if you press the back button....the same page has to appear( by some means)

    suggest me somepoints regarding this.

    Syed Imthias Basha
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    Hi Syed
     When u expire the session, the user can still see the last page from the cache by clicking the back button of browser. But cannot update or enter data because the session is expired. You can call the error page or print a customize message to re-login again or expire the previous page after the user is logged out.
    See if it works, if anybody has better solution plz comment.
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    Hi Asad,

    thanks alot......got it.

    Syed Imthias Basha