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    I tried downloading the e-book twice but unfortunately there was an error popping up which read as Unrecognized colors. Do you want to supress the colors? yes or no
    If you say Yes then the images in the book are shown as Black patches. If you say No then the Images are corrupted and you cannot see the complete page.

    Please help !
    JaganRao M

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    Download and use Acrobat 4. This should fix the problems, or perhaps your color depth in Windows is set too low?

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    OK, So how do we print? I just want to print one chapter. Is it protected?
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    Sorry Deanne,

         You can't print anything from the Mastering Enterprise Java Beans book. If you want a hard copy, you have to buy the hard copy.

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    Trust me, you want to buy the book rather than read it through Adobe. I bought the book about a week before I found this site. At first I was a little upset the book was available "free" on the site. However after downloading it, I know now that it will be a long time before e-books replace good old paper books.
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    The Acrobat 4 download is not possible from Adobe
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    Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 is a free product from Adobe. Here is a link to download it from adobe: