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    We need to decide on a technology for a new project.
    The project requires a modern and cool web user interface. We have extensive knowledge of java, j2ee and JSF however our previous projects did have such high demands from the GUI side.

    Naturally, we prefer to use java/j2ee for the new project; however, I could not find any serious tag libraries for jsp, preferably JSF. None at least ones that match what 3rd party control libraries offer in the ASP.NET world (Hierarchical Grid, Navigation controls, Docking panels, client side support and built in support for AJAX). We are willing to buy the components (at a reasonable price).

    Am I missing something? Are you familiar with a serious match for ASP.NET based components (see for example to what needs to be matched)?

  2. May I suggest to check out our Coldtags suite:

    Ajax tags are here:
  3. May I suggest to check out our Coldtags suite: tags are here:

    Also add to that the myfaces tomahawk extensions (
    and the tobago components (somewhere in the apache incubator)
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    One of the best libraries you will find at the moment is the Oracle ADF Faces components
    Here you have a wide range of components with a good degree of client side handing through it's Ajax (partial page rendering) features. The component set includes tree tables shuttles many more.