Identify whether an application is deployed on WebLogic


Performance and scalability: Identify whether an application is deployed on WebLogic

  1. Hi,
       I need to determine whether an application (myapp.ear) is deployed or not on the WebLogic server. Can anyne gimme the leads to a url that provides info about this or else any means by which I can do this is highly appriciated.

       Pls pardon me as I cud not fid a suitable place to post this query. If this is not the right place.

    Thanx in advance.
  2. It's a total hack, but you could call something like ClassLoader.getSystemClassLoader().loadClass("weblogic.Server"). That will at least tell you if weblogic.jar is in the system classpath, which I would think would only be the case if you're actually running WLS. I know that class exists in versions 8.1, 9.0 and 9.1. It might not work for older (or future) WLS versions

    Feel free to keep it a secret, but what kind of logic depends on whether your app is deployed under weblogic? I'm just curious...maybe there is a simpler way to solve your problem.
  3. Hi ,

    In the weblogic server console ,try to search for /myapp, that would ease your task.