Display EJB/Hibernate/JDBC results in JTable with two lines code


Industry news: Display EJB/Hibernate/JDBC results in JTable with two lines code

  1. You have implemented the best J2EE solution at your company, then what?? How easy is to use your business objects in Swing GUI? How many table/column models do you need to write to display them in a swing application?

    The answer is none!! We are introducing QuickTable, the ground breaking free javabean component, which can help you to achieve this in few lines of code.<br>
    Straight to point, lets see an example to display EJB finder results

       //call the remote find method to get all
       //the customers by last name
       Collection c = home.findCustomerByLastName("smith");

       //load the collection of objects into quicktable

    How about JDBC??<br>


    List allAuctions = session.createQuery("from AuctionItem").list();


    In addition, QuickTable is bundled with lots of features including Print Preview, Printing, Find & Replace, Sorting, Skin, copy/paste to Excel, Image cells, Calendar cell editor,Customizer etc

    Check out QuickTable today at Quicktable.org

    <IMG src="http://quicktable.org/images/qtb.jpg" alt="QuickTable Image" align="bottom" border=0>
  2. Very cool stuff! We are going to work on providing some examples on integrating this with our GemFire Real-Time Events JDBC-based Continuous Querying engine. RTE combines the query speed of an in-memory database with a highly-scalable push-based technology to automatically maintain your client's ResultSet, thus allowing you to eliminate the need to poll for updates.

    With QuickTable and GemFire RTE, you can very quickly build a nice GUI from a JDBC ResultSet and just as easily keep it updated in real-time!


    GemFire-The Enterprise Data Fabric
    gideon dot low at gemstone dot com
  3. Check out Aleri Labs[ Go to top ]

    If you want a high performant Stream Data management solution, Aleri Labs is probably a better bet. We've been very happy with their solution as well as their libraries for Financial Services.