Flux 7.1 adds Ajax-enabled job and workflow monitoring


News: Flux 7.1 adds Ajax-enabled job and workflow monitoring

  1. Flux 7.1, a Java job scheduler, workflow engine and business process management (BPM) engine, has added Ajax to its Web-based operations console for graphically monitoring jobs and workflows in near-real-time.

    Flux 7.1 also adds agents to allow system processes to be executed on remote computers to increase overall system throughput and to allow processes to run on computers that contain unique resources.

    Business process management (BPM) functionality has also been improved, allowing owners to be configured on a business process to provide process status visibility.

    A video illustrating Flux 7.1's graphical monitoring is available online.

    More information about Flux Corporation is available at www.fluxcorp.com.
  2. Can someone compare Flux with open source workflow systems like