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    I was trying out hibernate in weblogic server the other day.While developing my sample application I places all the required hibernate jar files in the application classpath( WEB-INF\lib\...) but I was unable to run the app till the moment I added them in the weblogic server classpath.

    My Question is, why do I need to add those hibernate required jars in weblogic class path even when I have then within my application classpath. This reduces the protability of any app and actually forces me to configure servers before I deploy any such app?

  2. you don't need to add them to the weblogic server class path. unless u want the .jar to be globally avaible to other .ears.

    you should make sure u actually had them propoerlly deployed with your application.
  3. i worked with Hibernate before on Apache Tomcat, i remember i added jar file only to WEB-INF\lib folder. let us whether it worked or not