Petals 1.0 release M2, JBI implementation


News: Petals 1.0 release M2, JBI implementation

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    The Petals team has announce the release of Petals 1.0 M2, an open source software development project delivering an implementation of the Java Business Integration Platform, with a focus on distribution and clustering.

    This milestone implements 100% of the JBI APIs and provides:
    • Component Framework implementation
    • Installation Service for JBI components installation
    • Deployment Service for component artefacts deployment
    • Life Cycle Management
    • Normalized Message Router
    Architecture has been refactored to be based on the ObjectWeb component model Fractal:
    • JMX administration based on Fractal JMX and MX4J
    • Logging based on Monolog integration via a Fractal mixin
    This version provides a standalone JBI container. Stay tuned for the next milestones which will provide the distribution and cluster features.

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  2. Comparison & AS/2[ Go to top ]

    Congratulations! This looks very interesting. Great to see JBI gaining more traction.

    2 questions:

    1. It would be useful to see some comparisons with similar products like Celtix and ServiceMix. Maybe I missed it somewhere.

    2. With reference to the EDI/AS2 adapters planned for end of July, are these 3rd party contributions or new builds? More specifically, will they have Drummond Group certification when they ship, or will they be shipped uncertified? Or for that matter, is certification being sought at all? This is very important for orgs using EDI/AS2 seriously.

    Good luck in any event,

    Kit Davies
  3. esb comparaison and AS/2 adapters[ Go to top ]

    Hi Kit,

    Celtix is defined as an opensource ESB, not as a JBI container,
    and, despite the use of standrard such WebServices, the use of Celtix remains a "proprietary solution".

    You certainly read the services provides by Celtix on its home page (

    Soon, Petals will provides a connectivity to Celtix : Celtix will be viewed as a binding component, allowing Petals to use its protocol-adapters and QOS.

    Petals is more similar to ServiceMix, as it implements the JBI specification.
    The goal of Petals is to provide a distributed view of JBI, with a centralized administation.

    Concerning the EDI adapters, it is an own build, not an hypothetic contribution.
    For the certification of those adapters, it is an important feature, but we don't look yet at the financial aspects of such a certication. In all case, it is not planned in the next milestones.

    Hope this help you,