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EJB design: how do i use an application server

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    Help me out with this…

    I am working on a project at at a government organization..

    Apart from various tasks that we have to complete here… I want some suggestions on my current module….

    We have lots of databases to handle..

    Our boss wants us to make these databases available on the internet so that it can be accessed by different units across northern India…. Actually we have created the front end on VB and connected it to access databases…

    Now the task is to make these databases available on the net

    Actually the company has its own site.. Where we’ll get a domain..

    The idea is to make the front end available for the other units to be able to put their data…..

    The data is categorized into 8 modules namely,

    Disciplinary proceedings
    Task performance
    Daily situation report
    Court cases.. etc

    Out of these 8 around 6 are used by all the units.. and all the units have to send the data on weekly, monthly and at times on daily basis…..

    Right now the data comes in the form of hardcopy or at times by emails… a person in the office here has to sought the mails and then forward the mails to the concerned department.. Like crime reports goes to crime department, court cases goes to its own department and so on….

    What the boss wants is…

    1. Make the front end available to all the units.. where they can put the details in the orderly fashion…..
    2. The data entered by them will be saved on the server located at the headquarter….
    3. Reports will be generated on daily, weekly or monthly basis.. as required
    4. All the units will be given a login id and passwords ….
    5. Also there needs to be an email server for the movement of files with in this office..

    Right now.. we have completed all the 8 modules…

    Each module has on an average 25 tables.. that mean on front end .. 25 different forms..

    One solution is to implement an application server… but that’s my need..

    How do I use an application server

    Thanks a lot

    if u need more information let me know….
    My email is axay dot gupta at gmail dot com
    And my no is 91+9911307368
  2. There is no mention of what database you using, whether you developed using j2ee and used any app server during development.

    Are you just asking your production architecture?

    It looks like the 8 modules are just 8 form submissions.

    The simplest is use one app server deploy your project in it and everybody will access that over the internet. It depends how many users you have, how criticle uptime is you may need to load balance and define session failover etc.