TestMaker 4.4 incorporates new features and bug fixes from 14 volunteer contributors. The charting capability is completely changed. TestMaker shows live results when running a load test in XSTest. All the documentation and example test agent scripts have been rewritten. A single Ant build script creates all of TestMaker, including the full distribution. The new software incorporates many bug fixes: Log4J compatibility, removed unused jar files, fixed HTTP header value logging, fixed URL encoding problems, and problems running TestMaker scripts from the command-line.

The release notes and documentation for the new version are online, and the download (21.9 MB) is online as well (with an optional registration).

TestMaker is the framework PushToTest uses to build performance and developer productivity tests. For instance, the SOA Performance Kit shows Java developers how to measure SOA scalability and performance and the FastSOA Performance Kit shows how to accellerate SOA performance using XML-centric technology. Both are built on TestMaker.

-Frank Cohen