According to Nexaweb senior vice president Brian Murphy, while the evolution of the rich internet application (RIA) market presents the ability to leverage the Web as a platform, it also requires from the enterprise robust functionality, performance, security and reliability. The ultimate RIA solution is the one that works with an already existing framework, set of tools and team. This allows for the ability to incrementally step in and evolve applications as the need arises. In this tech talk, Murphy discusses how Nexaweb fits into the RIA space and how it differs from other solutions. Topics include: - Definitions of Rich Internet Platforms for various needs - Which solutions to choose for an enterprise RIA - jRex, the client portion of the existing enterprise platform that operates without the Nexaweb server, allowing the use of declarative XML application language (XAL) to build RIAs without requiring a specific RIA solution on the server side - How RIAs would integrate with ESB products - Pain points for RIAs - How to achieve unified development across HTML, AJAX, Java and .NET - An introduction to Nexaweb’s $10,000 developer contest Watch Nexaweb and Enterprise Rich Internet Applications.