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    Hello to everybody!! I would like to now from your experience what is easier and faster to learn EJB 3.0 or Hibernate. And also wich one would you use for developing new applications? and why? Thanks for yours answers.
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    (1)Hibernate came long before EJB3.0 and is the de facto standard much like Log4j and Struts. EJB3.0 was partly inspired by Hibernate. Actually the Hihernate architect is a member of EJB3.0 JCP group. (2)If you never learned O/R mapping before, learning Hibernate is also an investment on EJB3.0. Their concepts and even the method names are similar, (3)JBoss server implements EJB3 using Hibernate under the cover. (4)Hibernate is a super set of EJB3.0 partly because Hibernate is open source. (5)My conclusion is: for learning O/R mapping, either EJB3.0 or Hibernate is ok. for coding, use EJB3.0 API
  3. Hi Yongjun, I have always heard that Hibernate is best ORM tool and best way of maintaining Java Persistence. I just wanted to know that, In which way Hibernate is best ORM tool when compared to other ORM tools and When should one opt for Hibernate.... Thanks Madhav