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  1. Hello ... :) I am a web developer and I am get used to develop web page or web application with PHP + Smarty. Right now, my company is doing research on Java Web Development. So I did a quick research and found Tapestry and JSF Framework is the most easiest to comprehend among other framework. But I have not dig deeper into each technology. I would like to ask, which framework is suitable for me if I have criterias such as: 1. Has templating system. The Web Designer do not need to learn about JSP Tag or Java. They will do the design on html as templating (like when they worked with smarty). It would be better if they could use Macromedia Dreamweaver as their tool to preview. 2. The programmer could create and use components. For example, i could define a input text for email that have email validation *both server side and client side*. 3. Low learning curves for newbie. :) Thank you ! adwin
  2. templating system..word reminds me of velocity.... i guess spring might also work as it has support of templating too... Bhagvan K http://www.jroller.com/page/bhagvank
  3. Hi, there are several frameworks out there providing support for HTML templates. Tapestry is one of them. If you care about SUN standards, take a look at JavaServer Faces. Several support projects add the ability to use HTML as view template technology. The most known are Facelets and the Clay component of Apache Shale. The latter (Shale) adds more functionality to JSF than just HTML templating: ViewController, DialogManager and several other features not covered by the spec. Cheers, René