Bluprints 0.4, a JSP templating framework, released


News: Bluprints 0.4, a JSP templating framework, released

  1. The Bluprints project has released version 0.4 of its JSP Templating framework. This framework is an alternative to Tiles and other JSP templating frameworks and currently supports direct WebWork integration. This release has added a lot of features: * Parameter visibility - allowing nested bluprints to see their containers parameters * bluprint namespacing - allowing for separation of bluprint configuration files * Multiple configuration files * Cross file extension * Cross namespace extension * Parameter and content access via the Collections API rather than by name (i.e. get a list of the content rather than asking for a content element by name) In addition, the website has been updated with new documentation and more project information. The JavaDoc has also been published.
  2. why? (not trying to be facetious, and yes i looked at the site.)
  3. why?
    why not??
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    he answered the why in his blog: "I finally got fed up with Tiles and wrote something new. Naymz had a bunch of random exceptions in the logs and almost all of them were caused by Tiles. I started digging and eventually just got mad at the whole situation. WebWork had repackaged tiles and apache was still supporting the Struts tiles. I didn’t want to spend all day fixing WebWork to use the Struts tiles and I also didn’t want to figure out if there were major differences between these two that could be causing the problem. Plus, tiles uses the digester for parsing XML, which seemed to fail at random. This code was quite thick and I knew it could be done in a much lighter weight and concise manner." i hadn't realized 'tiles' had such a bad rap. from an enterprise corp developer standpoint the jdk1.5 requirement is a disappointment-- i.e. it can't be thrown into weblogic 8.1
  5. why? Why not just use Sitemesh and forget about templates and use decorators. He's already using Webwork, he should have checked the opensymphony website.