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    We want to develop an application some thing similar to BugZilla's bug tracking system for my company internal purpose. We dont want to use any existing Bug trackers on the net (as we saw so much of configurations we have to do to suit our needs). Can anyone tell me on which Framework to use to build this application? I have some frameworks in mind, they are: Spring, Tapestry, Wicket, JSF and WebWork .
  2. Well! Let us explore some options: 1: You use velocity for front end, turbine for controlling and business logic and torgue for persisting layer. 2: Use jsp for front end,ejbs as middle tier and you are done. think cheers,
  3. Thanks Arijit Dey, the first combination looks really good and want to know more about it. Also, Do we really need to maintain the MVC architecture? or a complex EJB to do this application? Just a thought, cant we start defining some new architecture?
  4. KISS. use Spring. use for presentation. Spring is huge but you pick and use only what you need. It's the most elegant framework. zkoss is simple yet rich. Forget the buzzwords. Use what works.