As a more and more popular Ajax-based tags library, SweetDEV RIA 1.1 RC3 includes some brand new components : - treeview (editable, drag and drop,...) - calendar (multi months selection, special date disable,...) - window and a couple of evolutions and bug fixes on the existing tags . If you want to improve the GUI of existing JSP or Struts applications, SweetDEV RIA will fit your needs. If you plan to develop new Web 2.0 applications, let's try SweetDEV RIA right now. SweetDEV RIA components do not change the way of coding JSP. No needs to be a JavaScript expert. Continue to use your favorite IDE! SweetDEV RIA is available with an Apache 2 open source license. JSF implementation and a couple of new components (windows docking, menu,...) will be available Q1 2007... As an open source project, you are able to contribute and we appriciate your feedback. More Resources: SweetDEV RIA online demos SweetDEV RIA downloads