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    I want a good EJB material. because i am new person to handle EJB. so please give me a good material.

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    Head First EJB is a very gud book ...bcoz it teaches in a very detailed yet simple manner...n it will give u gud conceptual knowledge of EJB's...u can downlad ebook from
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    This is a good time for somebody who starts learning EJB. Prior to EJB 3.0, BEGINNERS would feel EJB a bit complecated concept. But with EJB 3.0, annotations and all new features, learning EJB3.0 should be fairly simple. Start with EJB3.0. My suggestion though is, download Oracle JDeveloper 10.1.3 for free and start trying out hands on with EJB 3.0. It has a good tutorial material inside it.Its damn cool to develop and deploy right away in a single IDE. JDev 10.1.3 can be downloaded from