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    It is close to end of the year and with this event comes lists, all kinds of lists of things that happened as well as things that could happen. In this tradition Steve Anglin has blogged about his winners and losers in 2006. Topping his list of winners we have; In Steve’s list of disappointments for 2006 you'll find; Steve closes this list with the warning "It’s easy to get caught up in… this is my favorite tool; so, it must be a winner. You may not agree with items on this list by you have to agree that it does make for an interesting discussion. Steve is interested in knowing what you think about his list.

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    It's hard to qualify Struts 1.2.x as a "loser". If anything, Struts as a whole got a boost from Webwork. Why is Struts 1.2.x even a candidate for this? It's like saying XDoclet is a loser just because XDoclet2 is out. Anyways, my thoughts on Struts/Webwork: