Webtide Releases Beta of Jetty Hightide Server


News: Webtide Releases Beta of Jetty Hightide Server

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    Webtide has released version 6.1.1beta0 of Jetty Hightide at http://www.webtide.com/downloads.jsp. Hightide is an open source, versioned distribution of Jetty providing a comprehensive toolset for the development of scalable, state-of-the-art web 2.0 applications. It is optimized for Ajax support and also ships with some popular Ajax libraries that are integrated into the Ajax features of Jetty. Implementations of Java EE-related services, such as JNDI, JTA, JMS, JAAS and JDBC are pre-integrated and ready to go. HighTide highlights include:
    • Jetty 6 scalable web container, patched with performance enhancements
    • JettyPlus JNDI framework and Java EE-related services
    • Atomikos XA transaction manager
    • ActiveMQ messaging service, including AJAX extensions for JMS to the browser
    • DWR
    • cometd Ajax messaging
    • working examples of Ajax push/cometd applications included
    • supported by Webtide's premium services
    Hightide is supported by the Webtide development team headed by the lead developers of Jetty. Webtide provides long term support for Hightide releases in production.
  2. This is most excellent news for those who would like to deploy to a lean and mean container but still have easy access to JMS and JTA. Jetty/Atomikos/ActiveMQ is simply a great combination for a technology stack. I just had to drop Spring and Hibernate/JPA in Jetty's lib dir to have my standard deployment platform ready! Jetty is also FAST. On a LAN test is generates 3500 requests/second on static content. Close to 30 megabit. Who needs C++ :-) S.