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  1. Can anyone suggest the best bean validation framework for a J2EE web app that uses Spring & Hibernate? In the past we've used Struts Validation, Jakarta Commons Validor, and Hibernate beans validation. We've found all to have some drawbacks - Struts and Jakarta are too verbose, and Hibernate too limited. So currently I'm looking at Valang: Also saw a new JSR on the topic: Any ideas?

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  2. You could try mine?[ Go to top ]

    I have written a Spring Validation compatible validation framework that you could have a play with. It's an easy to use Validation Service which combines the Visitor pattern and the Strategy pattern to create a flexible, configurable Object Validation Service. It lets you build modular validators, and apply them to your value objects (in groups if you like). It's available on my website at There is a contact form there you can use if you want to get in touch.