Open source ECM platform Nuxeo EP 5.0.0.GA released


News: Open source ECM platform Nuxeo EP 5.0.0.GA released

  1. Nuxeo has just released the first stable version of Nuxeo EP 5.0, an open source enterprise content management platform, based on Java EE 5, JBoss Seam and OSGi. Nuxeo ECM solutions are built on the experience accumulated for 5 years by Nuxeo and community members building mission-critical ECM applications (web content management, document management, records management, collaboration, intranet portals and workflow) for major customers, using previously Zope technologies, and now Java EE 5, JBoss Seam and OSGi. Nuxeo EP has been designed to be fully extensible and customizable, so as to make it easier both for contributors to participate in the project, and for system integrators to build customers applications. Our motto in that respect is: "Not just a product, a platform." Nuxeo EP is open source software, under a business-friendly license (EPL and/or LGPL), developped in the open and supported by Nuxeo SAS and third party system integrators and ISVs. Features highlights for this release
    • Full document lifecycle, including versionning, check-in / check-out, etc.
    • Access rights management.
    • Workflow, including document approval.
    • Relations between documents.
    • Audit trails.
    • Drag'n'drop document management inside the web browser.
    • User-convenient desktop and office suite integration using plugins for IE, Firefox and MSOffice.
    Technical highlights
    • Based on an "embeddable ECM core", Nuxeo Core, which can be embedded both in server-side applications like Nuxeo EP, and client-side like in the forthcoming Nuxeo RCP rich client for ECM.
    • Based on modern Java EE 5 technologies: JSF, JCR (Java Content Repository), EJB3, JBoss Seam, jBPM, OSGi...
    • Fully extensible using an extension points and plugin system (Nuxeo Runtime), very similar to the Eclipse plugin system and based on OSGi.
    • Uses XML schemas (XSD) as the schema language for defining content types.
    • Includes 3000 unit tests.
    More information - Community site: - How to contribute: - Mailing list: - Documentation and tutorials: - Professional support and services:

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  2. Congrats!
  3. Congratulations guys :-)
  4. Demo[ Go to top ]

    Hello, Is there an on-line demo or live presentation available? Thanks Michal Strelec
  5. Re: Demo[ Go to top ]

    Not yet. We are planning to make a few screencasts in the next two weeks. Stay tuned. Cheers, S. Fermigier - CEO, Nuxeo -
  6. JCR RMI[ Go to top ]

    Hello, Can Nuxeo document repository be also accessed using JCR-RMI interface? Do you have any experience or advice from the performance point of view and functionality drawback in comparison with Nuxeo native interface? Regards, Michal Strelec
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    Hi, You can access the storage (which is jackrabbit) using the JCR-RMI interface, but you loose the all features offered by Nuxeo Core (security, XSD compliance, document abstraction, relations, the NXQL query language, etc.). NXCore offers also several interfaces through the CoreAPI. You can access this API using EJB remoting, RMI and Web Services. The big advantage of NXCore is the document abstraction which let developer think in term of "documents", "content type" and "schemas" and not only hierarchy of "nodes". Moreover "DocumentModel" provided by NXCore can de serialized and detached from the repository to be sent on the wire and go to other tier of your infrastructure. Last, NXCore is fully extensible thanks to NXRuntime's extension points system.