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    In this article you will learn how to create a new Ajax RIA front end to an existing Apache Struts2 .jsp application using TIBCO General Interface (GI), an open source Ajax toolkit with an MVC architecture similar to that of Java Swing. GI is optimized for creating business productivity applications and communicating with XML, SOAP, JSON and other types of services in a SOA. This is done by extending the Struts2 CRUD (create, retrieve, update, delete) sample that comes with its installation to expose XML data services optimized for GI interoperation and create the Ajax application that connects the end user with those services though a rich graphical user interface. The intent behind this approach is to demonstrate how you can make incremental changes to existing applications rather than having to rewrite from scratch.
  2. Roma Meta Framework is much more simple to use: - render your domain objects (POJOs) as they are and - convention over configuration Take a look to the live demo developed using few lines of code. http://www.romaframework.org Ciao, Luca Garulli
  3. Oh yeah ? My SuperFOO3K framework is even easier ! Just *think* about some domain models, and it'll create a blog, for you, in just under 2 minutes ! Annoying, no ? Luca, as much as I appreciate your comment, or your framework, try to provide some *useful* feedback. Every framework has its strengths and weaknesses, and often a new framework B is started as a reaction against a shortcoming of framework A. Did you like the tutorial ? Do you see any room for improvement ? A comment like 'hey, that's nice, but even better would be to use , like they do in RMF, because .. '. Thát's useful and appreciated. FYI, Struts 2 has also convention over configuration, can turn any class/pojo into a controller, uses type convertors, ajax, annotations, plugin systems, etc, * ad infinitum. Sigh. So, next time you see a tutorial/guide/article about a framework other than Roma Meta Framework, try to resist the temptation to make a useless comment about RMF, unless asked by the author ('guys, what other framework can do this ?', or 'I am looking for recommendations for a new project') - or at least by another comment. -Phil
  4. I see the note saying source code would be available incrementally, but didn't see anything related to Tibco GI in the war file. It would be very helpful if the source code becomes available soon before we lose track of the thread...
  5. The article did mention that "Incremental source code for the solution in this article" can be downloaded at http://www.bwalsh.com/gi-struts2.war. I tried to deploy the GI-fied "showcase" war into Tomcat 5.5 and the app seemed to run just fine. However, the GI part did not work completely. However, when I clicked on the "Employee" tab of the GI matrix, I was getting the following error: There is no Action mapped for namespace /struts2-showcase-2.0.1/employee2 and action name list. When I checked struts.xml, I did find the the "employee2" action defined in the "employee2" package. Since I am new to Struts2, I'd appreciate if someone out there could offer some tips to fix this... Chinchih
  6. Hi Philip, since many people are interested to build RIA using Java+Ajax I would to write 4 lines of comment about another way to reach the goal. Ciao, Luca Garulli
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    I am using tiles in my result. Do I have to change my tile result type for CDF Result type ?. Thank you and Regards.
  8. Hi. V part of MVC can be improved by Tibco GI. As shown in sample CRUD Application. Very nice. I am looking for source code they have written under gi package. The interceptors, TypeConverter, Results etc classes are bundled along with the code. But can i also have source code for org.apache.struts2.showcase.gi Package to understand workground and implement the same in another applications? Also, will the same interceptors, results etc will work for all types of modules? Is it generalized or I need to write them seperately for different types of applications? I need your help regarding this topic, Specially, Mr. Joseph Ottinger, Thanks in advance. - Rajil
  9. Hi everybody. I have found the source for the CRUD application developed using Tibco GI. I am able to build sample application that list available records. What i am not able to understand is how all JS files are created in given sample application. e.g. they have given some js files CRUDMatrix.js employeecrud.js blockEditMaskHelper.js etc. Are all these files created manually or generated automatically from Tibco GI?
  10. Hi All, I getting javascript error while accessing link 'Tibco General Interface Ajax' on showcase as : Error: 'jsx3.html' is null or not an object. Can any one help me for the same. I am biggner for Tibco GI. I am using IE6.0