1.6 on AMD64 and still silly max memory limit


Performance and scalability: 1.6 on AMD64 and still silly max memory limit

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    Hello good people, it's now 6 years since Bug#4435069 was filed with sun, complaining about the memory limits for running the jvm. Back then, we accepted it wasn't doable on a 32Bit machine and everyone assumed that 64Bit would solve the issue. Well, today I try starting a jvm on a AMD64, jdk1.6.0u1 64 Bit, OpenSuse 10.2 64 Bit, and yes, I have more memory, I can use not only 1.4G, I can now use almost 2G! But that wasn't the increase we all dreamed of, was it ? I daresay "all" because (except for Solaris64 folks who get 4G) I find people posting stuff like -Xmx doesn't go beyond 2 Gig, and nobody answers or corrects. Or an I mistaken, and we can somehow get more jvm memory for 64Bit Linuxes, using hidden options, kernel parameters, whatever ? Cheers&kind regards, Tom.
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    Sad but true, same like with the other dozens of threads, nobody cares to answer with this topic... :-( Anyway, for the sake of other ppl who google for this: In the meanwhile I got it to run with 4Gig. I had to give a "ulimit -m" with a reasonable value once, then the JVM could start. Strange thing, I didn't have to give ulimit again (although that shell I start with shows the original small value). Maybe I need to give it again after the next reboot. The current 4Gig limit seems to be hardcoded in the Tanuki Service Wrapper, I hear, but 4G is good enough for me for now... All this on a AMD64, OpenSuSE 10.2 64Bit, Java6u1 64Bit. Cheers, Tom.