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    I have been hearing some bad things about the way WebLogic clusters its servers. Has anyone actually implemented clustering with WebLogic?

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    Hi Mark,
       We have more than 10 clients who have gone to production with Clustering.
       From our observations Clustering with WebLogic is pretty straight forward and very stable.

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    Hi Mettu,

    I want to configure 2 weblogic 5.1 servers , one running on Linux and the other running on Sun. Please let me know of the appropriate steps we have to take to accomplish it.

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    Hi Meetu,

     Iam planing to go in for 2 server of weblogic 6.0 sp2 in clustering, can u let me know what steps i need to take to do so. / any reference material i can refer to to a quick start

    Thnx in Advance.