JEuclid 3.0, MathML rendering solution, released


News: JEuclid 3.0, MathML rendering solution, released

  1. JEuclid is a complete MathML rendering solution. After being dormant for a while, the project has picked up development again and we are now able to provide a new major release. JEuclid 3.0 consists of:
    • An MathML viewer application
    • Command line converters from MathML to other image formats, including JPEG, BMP, WBMP, GIF, SVG, EMF, PDF, PS, SWF
    • An ant task for automated conversion
    • Java display components for AWT and Swing
    • A FO preprocessor application to support MathML in xsl-fo renderers
    Two plugins are part of JEuclid:
    • A XXE Plugin provides MathML support for XMLMind XML-Editor and is available through the XXE update site.
    • A FOP plugin provides MathML support in FOP. It will be released shortly after the fop 0.94 release.
    For more information, please see or ask at jeuclid-users at lists dot sourceforge dot net . Is MathML relevant for you? How so?

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    Is MathML relevant for you? How so?
    Yes. We use it daily. We presently use Design Sciences WebEq suite, but after dealing with a few issues with their code, especially related to performance and stability, I now feel motivated to evaluate this.