This brief article shows the power of the Aspect-Oriented Programming (AOP) through a simple example, where Web Services are created ex nihilo without adding a single line in the code of your Java application. The two videos that you can found in the tutorial needs very few explanations. The created Web service accesses the application logic contained in POJO business components. The example use the Apache CXF API as a Web service provider implementation, and the latest version of the Azuki Framework. Developers does not develop directly with the CXF API but only drag'n drop bean components in the Azuki's weaver to define a new Web service. So, Web services creation is made completely transparent thanks to the encapsulation of this crosscutting concern in an "aspect" bean in the Azuki Framework. Another characteristic of Azuki is that aspects are themselves beans, and thus can be handled using the weaver like any other Azuki's bean. For a overview of the whole functionality of the Azuki Framework : see Azuki.