This morning I received a message from TechTarget telling me that is renaming itself to According to TechTarget the move is in line with a shift of attitudes and efforts within the application development community. As I've written many times, SOA is not Web Services, and vice versa. But, it is difficult to divorce the two. I still meet people who ask me about scalability in a SOA. They talk about it as though SOA is a product you buy by ordering a part number. I also hear people talking about Web services as a scalability strategy. Ugh! The way I see it Web services are useful for interoperability between platforms, clients, and services and SOA is useful as a component software development architecture. This move to rename is a signal that application developers are voting with their feet. The original Web services vision materialized into SOAP stacks with performance problems, dozens of XML parsers, missing pieces (like a directory and metadata,) and wordy XML messages. It is no wonder that when hosts an article on Spring it gets lots of attention while an article on Web services gets little. -Frank Cohen