"db-is-shared" persistence property ??


EJB programming & troubleshooting: "db-is-shared" persistence property ??

  1. "db-is-shared" persistence property ?? (4 messages)

    Can anyone please guide me as to when can I use "db-is-shared" persistence property in weblogic-ejb-jar.xml file to improve performance ?

  2. If you KNOW that your db data can be modified only via the entity bean you can set db-is-shared to false - this will allow Weblogic to skip lots of ejbLoad() calls and use caching for CMP findByPrimaryKey, which will greatly improve performance.

    In the clustered enviroment, or when your data can be modified by some other means make sure db-is-shared is true (it is true by default).
  3. This parameter applies only to entity beans using container-managed
    persistence. If the value is set to "False" the container will assume that it
    has exclusive access to the bean data in the persistence store. If it is set
    to "True" the bean will assume that the bean data could be modified between
    transactions and will therefore reload data at the beginning of each
  4. I do not this it matters if bean is CMP or BMP. It simply hints the container on when to skip ejbLoad() calls.
  5. I am just wondering whether this property is available for weblogic 4.5.1. If not, suggest other way, to maintain data integrity in clustered environment. I mean to say having two or more servers with replica of entity bean in each server.