Quest releases Vintela Single Sign-On for Java version 3.3


News: Quest releases Vintela Single Sign-On for Java version 3.3

  1. Vintela Single Sign-On for Java (VSJ) is a suite of components that provide Integrated Windows Authentication and Microsoft Active Directory based Single Sign-On to the Java SE and Java EE platforms. VSJ includes:
    • A Java implementation of Kerberos, GSSAPI and SPNEGO that features deep integration with Microsoft's Active Directory, including support for cross-domain and cross-forest authentication, and Active Directory sites for redundancy and scalability.
    • Java based command line utilities for managing Kerberos credentials. Development libraries, examples and documentation for creating your own Java Kerberos and Single Sign-On applications as well as integrating existing applications.
    • Support for Microsoft ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services).
    New in this release:
    • Improved configuration of the VSJ Kerberos service principal for easier setup.
    • Support for Windows Server 2008 Active Directory domain controllers and the Kerberos AES encryption types.
    • Support and examples for constrained delegation (S4U2Proxy) and protocol transition (S4U2Self).
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  2. How does this compare to Crowd ( I can't find any information on the pricing. Not a good sign. Best regards, Richard L. Burton III
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    Hi Richard, I'm the Crowd Team Lead. Unfortunately, I've not yet played with Vintela, but from having a look at their website, the following jumps out at me: * They have very deep Active Directory integration, particularly around Kerberos. Crowd doesn't talk Kerberos. * Crowd offers directory aggregation (we can pull user details from multiple unrelated directories and present a single logical view to your applications) and Crowd can also talk to directories other than AD. As far as ease of installation & use goes, having not played with Vintela, I can't really comment. That said, in a past life I've used some other Quest products - particularly SQL Navigator - and enjoyed the experience. Why not give both a go and let us know what you think? Regards, Dave.
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    VSJ provides single-sign on for internal facing applications for Active Directory users using Kerberos. The net effect for the users is they login to their Windows desktop once and then they don't need to re-enter their password to access their Java fat client/J2EE applications. It also supports authorization using Active Directory groups and a bunch of other nice features like Kerberos delegation and the Microsoft S4U protocols. Crowds on the other hand is designed for situations where the users are stored in one or more user databases (possibly including Active Directory). You still need to type in a username and password, but you only have one rather than many. They are both addressing similar but subtly different problems.
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    The IWAAC add-on for Crowd allows you to combine the simplicity of Atlassian Crowd with the power of MS AS Kerberos authentication.

    Check out Integrated Windows Authentication for Apps using Crowd at