DBSight 1.5.4 Free Full-text Database Search in 3 minutes! DBSight is a powerful tool for web developers to create scalable database full-text search in Lucene. You can create a database search service, return results as HTML/XML/JSON, so you can easily use it with Ruby, PHP, or any existing web applications. You can easily index, re-index, incremental-index. It's also highly scalable and easily customizable. The best thing is, it's free and super easy. You can create a production-level search in 3 minutes. http://wiki.dbsight.com/index.php?title=Create_Lucene_Database_Search_in_3_minutes By making database full-text search super easy to create or change, you can quickly add a new full-text search or adjust current index structure according to your specific requirements. Searching in application is actually complicated. DBSight makes database searching a detachable separate concern, greatly improves the flexibility and scalability. DBSight also does the "dirty" job to synchronize the database, incremental indexing, facet-search(categorized result counting), easy to change synonyms and stop word, reserved word list, field-level and document-level ranking, multi-threaded searching, time-based ranking, transacdtional index data integrity, server clustering, etc.