Intrannuity's iBilling Library 1.0 is released


News: Intrannuity's iBilling Library 1.0 is released

  1. iBilling is an SOA-based J2EE billing platform that provides recurring billing and subscription/account management functionality. iBilling provides specific functionality required by the majority of member and donor centric organizations, including a clean and simple way to process one-time (pos/retail) and batch credit card and bank account (ACH) transactions. iBilling also provides account management (secure/encrypted storage of credit cards and bank accounts), flexible subscription setup (recurring billing using different billing terms and different time cycles), effective subscription management (cancellation of subscription, billing skips (freezes), prepayments against future billings), automated decline/chargeback processing. All of the functionality is exposed via a web-based portal that additionally provides OLAP-based reports (billing breakdown, billing cycle entry/exit, revenue forecasting). To get more information or sign-up for a test account go to To simplify integration with Intrannuity’s iBilling, a special open source initiative – iBilling Client Library - was created. The goal behind the library is to greatly reduce integration time necessary to get any 3rd party product to work with iBilling. The library uses web-services model to communicate with the billing server and currently supports Java, .NET, PHP, Ruby and ColdFusion environments. Code samples with most common use cases in every supported language and detailed documentation are available on library’s web-site at
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    I was trying to find out pricing information, but found a broken link on the home page. "Apply Now" link points to The link that seems to work is has a "Click here" but no hyperlink Clearly, the site needs some more baking. I hope thats not the case with Service. Shailesh Mangal Chief Architect, Zephyr Now, Test Management, is a breeze
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    The issues reported are corrected. We apologize for the inconvenience caused. Please feel free to use the forms in the site to contact us.